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Ideas & Consultation

I always setup various meetings with my clients prior implementing the website in order to transform their ideas into relevant design specs. These meetings also serve to help the client be more knowledgable about the whole process while aiding them to form their requirements.


The design I create mainly focuses on being simple and minimalistic, as I believe that 'less is more'. I always cater for and urge clients to go for responsive design, as I also believe that websites are being accessed from all kinds of mobile devices nowadays.

Code & Technologies

The main structure and design of the websites I build are created using HTML(5), CSS(3), BootStrap(3.3.7), and JavaScript/jQuery. I usually build the websites from scratch but I have no problem working with existing frameworks. As for back-end processes I will go for PHP or ASP.NET depending on what best fits the situation.

Showcase of projects I have worked on.

The below section contains projects I have developed and worked on in the past few years. Each project will be listed under its respective category.



Located in Malta, Carpenter Solutions mainly specializes in installing decking systems suitable to the extreme Mediterranean temperatures. Carpenter Solutions also offer custom-made woodworks, including parquet, doors, windows, interior furniture, and tents. The aim of the company is to provide customer satisfaction and quality after-sales service.


Malta Study, being an agent for Japanese students, assists its clients to easily reach Malta by helping them book their flights, book schools and institutions depending on the student's preferred requirements, and book their stays. What makes Malta Study's service unique and top of others is the fact that they are located in Malta and can help their clients in the most effective and efficient way possible.

The Rewritten Life

The rewritten life is the first of many projects envisioned by eilam.quins;. The main scope of this project is to provide its users the opportunity to form narratives inspired through personal reflexivity and own experience. Each narrative is accomplished with the guidance of the user's feedback. The purpose of the website is to showcase such journals for everyone to read while also allowing the user to easily be able to request eilam.quins;'s services.

Techware Support

Techware Support has been providing IT. services for more than 10 years. They offer competetive prices, efficient repair services, professional and experiences employees, and on-site collection and delivery. They strive on understanding the specific needs of their clients while giving them professional advise and constant communication.

Alcohol Delivery

Codenamed 'Alcohol Delivery', the purpose of this website is to allow users to purchase any kind of beverages online. This caters for both small and larger orders. This project has a back-end section build within it where the owner can control what drinks can be sold. What makes this project intriguing, is the fact that interested suppliers are able to register with the website and have their own section in the back-end where they can manage which postcodes and cities they can sell and deliver to.

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About Ryan Quintano

Ryan Quintano currently works as a software developer in a credit card company and develops websites and web related applications for his own personal clientele. As a technology aficionado, Ryan prioritises in keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies in the field, striving towards equipping himself with the best of tools to utilise in each of his projects and ventures.

In adding to his vast portfolio of experience and growth, Ryan enjoys experimenting with various programming languages and technologies in order to be able to discern and focus on specific technologies that might suit each individual project best, ensuring quality, performance and robustness. Expressly, his professional approach entails in writing the cleanest of codes by adhering to the most generalised coding practices.

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